How to clear up cradle cap with coconut oil

Cradle cap is a really common complaint for babies. Our little girl has had a slight case of cradle cap and, although we were reassured by our health visitor that it doesn’t usually bother babies at all, we were keen to find a way to encourage it to clear up.

We were advised to use coconut oil, which we found very cheaply out here in the States (we got a huge jar for just a few dollars in Walmart, but in the UK you can buy it at the likes of Waitrose or online from Amazon).

Once you’ve tracked down some coconut oil, simply lather a dollop into the affected cradle crap area in the evening and leave it to work its magic for a couple of hours. Then, it’s bath time! You need to rinse the whole head with baby shampoo a couple of times at least to get all of the oil out (warning: coconut oil leaves behind quite an unpleasant smell, so try to rinse it all out!).

After bath time, dry your little one’s hair and then give it a good comb through. The flakes should come loose and can be brushed out really easily. It’s also worth giving your baby’s head a good brush in the morning as more flakes may have come away overnight.

We’ve noticed a difference already and we’ve only used the coconut oil treatment three times.

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