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Caravanserai Breakfast Club: A welcome addition to Leeds city centre

New restaurants open in Leeds all the time, and new menus are launched in existing institutions with real regularity.

One of the new launches that is worth taking note of is the introduction of a middle eastern style breakfast club at the rather lovely Caravanserai in Leeds city centre.

Hidden away just behind the Corn Exchange, it might be easy to miss Caravanserai (about as easy as it is to mispronounce the name!) but the fragrant aromas help to signpost where you need to go for a taste of the Middle East.

The breakfast club will now be opening Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 11am and offers a range of eat in or takeaway breakfast options. Essentially you have the choice of freshly made crumpets with a range of tasty toppings, or the chance to try out some more interesting Middle Eastern options such as Loubia (essentially spicy baked beans on toast with divine Merguez sausages (beef sausages from North Africa)) or the Palestinian breakfast, consisting of tasty treats like falafel, olives and hummus.

You can also get hold of some decent coffee (or perhaps some mint tea) to start your day off well.

With everything reasonably priced, this seems like a great place for offices to order from the night before (provided someone can be persuaded to come down and pick the food up!) or for people to visit on their way to the daily grind. Sure, it’s not quite as cheap as heading to Greggs for your bacon buttie and a cup of coffee but it sure as heck tastes better!

They don’t have a website at the moment but if you want to check out a bit more info you can find it on their Facebook page here!

Disclaimer: I was invited down to try out the Breakfast Club at Caravanserai but was under no obligation to write a review. I was also under no obligation to provide a link to any site associated with Caravanserai and have done so only to provide readers with more info about the evolving Breakfast Club.

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