Christmas with a baby: Dealing with travelling

Having a little one around for their first Christmas is magical. Getting them to where this magic is going to happen, though, might be one of those things you want to forget about pretty quickly! Here are our tips on how to deal with getting from A to B as smoothly as possible with a baby in tow!

  • Plan ahead with things you might not be able to get locally. For us, we have a fairly epic journey to get to our nearest Aldi when we stay with our family, so we stock up in advance on our little one’s nappies to avoid any excess costs and to make sure there is continuity in her nappies to help avoid nappy rash etc. For you, it might be that the nearest shop that sells SMA or nappy bags is not as close as you would hope – either way, stock up to avoid that last minute (or tediously long) journey!
  • Utilise family support as much as possible. For us, this means our three cats are travelling down to London with our family while we come down with our baby ourselves. This should help keep the car quieter and calmer but also leaves more room for all the gubbins you need to travel down with for a baby.
  • Make sure you are aware of sleeping arrangements where you are going. If you are able to take your moses basket then wonderful, if your cot is easy to move then great, and if you need to start looking for a travel cot, get cracking! We have a travel cot but are also lucky enough to be able to keep a crib with family to avoid bringing it with us every time we visit, saving an awful lot of time in putting it up and down as well as precious space in the car!
  • Ensure your travel options suit you. On the way back up to Leeds, I will be driving back up a day in advance to make sure the house is ready for our little one getting back the day after with her mum on a flight.
  • Finally, perhaps the most important tip: whatever you plan, it will be altered and amended and will not run on schedule (there is always a last minute nappy change before you get in the car or that unexpected vomit on the motorway!) so don’t let things panic you! Be prepared, but remember to stay flexible!

Let us know your tips and how you cope with travelling at Christmas with your little one(s) by commenting below.

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