Five things that WILL change after you have a baby!

We’re delighted that our beautiful little girl has been with us now for nearly 8 weeks. Reflecting on how things were before we had our baby girl, there are five things that come to mind that have changed hugely post-birth compared to our old lives. If you’re expecting a little one, you might want to read on…

1 ) Things happen at night across the world and you are now going to be privy to them! You might well be giving a midnight feed and suddenly a midnight competition pops up on Twitter and guess what, you will now be awake enough to either be entering it or scorning it! Oh, and you now know which of your other friends have insomnia/use Whatsapp at all times of the day and night!

2 ) Nothing else is important to you except your family! Yes, you might well have been to watch the football last year and visited every away ground in the past, but trust me, now you’re not even going to notice that the football/cricket/rugby has been on – let alone caring whether or not your team did well!

3 ) Poo and wee are now among the most commonly used words in your everyday vocabulary! If you had any inhibitions about toilet talk these will soon disappear! Whether it is discussing your baby’s poo colour or the vehemence of their most recent fart, poo and wee are now very much a part of everyday conversation! Also, when they say you really won’t care about being pooed, weed or sicked on by your little one – you really won’t; it just becomes part of the daily routine!

4) Every other baby becomes very interesting (although clearly not as awesome as your own!). That means that you now might notice the pram/travel system that every other parent is pushing, and you will find yourself watching how other babies are behaving and even playing. There’ll even be games of ‘guess how old that baby is’! I’m sure you had an interest before you had your own baby but trust me, it increases dramatically!

5 ) If you didn’t use catch up TV before, you really, really, will be now! Sure, you might love (as we do!) Great British Bake Off but sadly that does not mean that your baby is going to be so kind as to happily sit there while it is on. They will no doubt poo, wee or demand a feed at the time you think they are settled and happy, meaning that you end up watching your favourite telly piecemeal through catch up, live pause and just simply missing half of it! You won’t mind this, but before it happens, enjoy being able to focus on that 1 hour TV show – it won’t be something you do for a while after you have your baby!

Oh, and an honourable mention goes out to the fact that you may struggle to drink a fully warm cup of tea or coffee for a while.

All in all though, the one thing that truly never can be emphasised enough that will change is just how much you will come to love the wonderful little angel that is now the centre of your world 🙂

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