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Travel news: BA latest airline to suffer Boeing 777 issues

With the most orders for a twin engined wide bodied aircraft, over 1500 in service and more on order, the Boeing 777 is a fairly common plane to be jetting off on when heading out on a long-haul holiday or a long distance business trip. Until recently, you probably would not even have paid attention to the fact you were flying on a 777 – yet now the aircraft is starting to take on negative connotations.

The first tragedy in recent years saw lives lost onboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214 (an incident put down to pilot errors and overly complex systems). We also had the two truly tragic incidents with Malaysian Airlines, plus this most recent incident with BA 2276. All of this seems to show that the 777 is definitely going through a tough time. In fact, the 777 lost out to its 4 engined rival the 747-8 when it came to being the next Air Force One, compounding its losing run.

With the 777-9X scheduled to enter service in 2020, we can certainly hope that the most common long haul twin engine aircraft is now over its blip and will start to reclaim its position as a plane that gets you from A to B rather than one where passengers are worrying about the recent history of the plane.

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