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Great British Bake Off: Episode Six Recap

It was pastry week this week for the remaining seven bakers in the GBBO tent. So, how did they get on?

The signature this week was frangipane tart. Yum! Ian was baking with eggs freshly laid by his guinea fowl at home (of course!!), whilst Mat was clearly opting to take a risk by making a pina colada frangipane tart, which quite frankly sounded disgusting.

When all was said and done, we were pleased to see Ian come in for some early criticism, with Mary noticing the lack of a glaze on his tart and a poor base noticed by Paul. RESULT! We could have turned off at that point and gone to bed happy.

Elsewhere, Nadiya, who is really growing into this series of Bake Off, drew praise for her flavours but criticism for her soggy bottom!

Mat’s pina colada tart was rebranded as a pineapple tart, with the rum failing to shine through.

Tamal probably came out on top of the signature, with Alvin (predictably, sadly) struggling to make a good impression on Paul and Mary with a catalogue of tart-related errors.

And so on to the technical: 12 identical flaounas, a cheese-filled pastry made in Cyprus to celebrate the end of Lent. Mary branded this the toughest technical yet (although we tend to hear that at least twice every series). It was clear that none of the bakers had much experience with flaounas, unsurprisingly, so there was a fair amount of confusion running through the tent.

Alvin’s efforts were described by Paul as “pizzas” and then, in a bid to be more polite, “deconstructed flaounas”. At this point, sadly, it seemed certain that it would be Alvin’s week to depart the tent, despite Tamal actually coming last with his misshapen attempts.

Shockingly given that we had Mat nailed on to leave this week, he came first in the technical, saving him from his poor signature.

Finally, on to the showstopper. Paul and Mary stated beforehand that it would take a miracle to save Alvin as the bakers were tasked with making 48 vols-au-vent with made from scratch puff pastry.

Ian was making some repulsive sounding vols-au-vent with squid ink in, whilst Paul opted for a mixture of sweet and savoury treats, which sounded much nicer. Flora, true to form, decided to make a chocolate dough as something a bit different, and Nadiya was going to combine cod with clementine, something which sounds like a match made in hell.

Mat did fantastically with his, following on from his technical bake win. The flavours were spot on and they looked brilliantly delicate, something we haven’t always come to expect from Mat. Flora and Tamal also came in for praise from Paul and Mary.

Unfortunately Nadiya had a nightmare with her pastry and was left presenting the judges with an incomplete set of vols-au-vent. The judges did have a taste of the separate components and loved the flavours, but there was no saving the tears of Nadiya.

Luckily for Nadiya, Alvin had flaws in his vols-au-vent, meaning that the miracle he needed hadn’t landed in the tent.

And so on to the predictable conclusion, or at least in terms of who was going. Star baker wasn’t quite as predictable as Mat, tipped by us to be leaving this week, came out on top! Alvin, though, was sent packing, and the tent will be a sadder place for it.

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