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Where to go for an amazing Asian meal in Leeds: My Top 5

Leeds is so amazing at offering so many excellent cuisines and foodie choices that narrowing down where to go for a meal out can be a nightmare! If you want an awesome Asian meal, here are our top five picks to help narrow down those choices for you!

In no particular order…


Offering absolutely wonderful Chinese cuisine in an area of town you wouldn’t expect to find a great restaurant in, Maxi’s is a real find for the Chinese enthusiast! The dim sum menu is exceptional value and has some adventurous choices on it. On the main menu, the flank hot pot and roast duck dishes really hit the spot. Maxi’s is family-friendly and also suitable for groups and couples.


For anyone fancying some really authentic and tasty Indian cuisine, a visit to Hansa’s is a must. Sure, it lacks some of the glitz and glamour that some of the more ‘blingy’ Indian restaurants such as Akbar’s offer but Hansa’s delivers on flavour, value and fun! Whether you pick the amazing thali on offer, a great value Sunday buffet, you’re bound to experience a real taste of Gujarati cuisine. All the dishes are vegetarian (and a fair few are vegan as well) but meat eaters won’t miss their protein fix given the quality of the food here.

Little Tokyo

If you like Japanese food, you will love Little Tokyo. I will admit that for the longest time the outside of the restaurant put me off. Then, when I plucked up the courage to go in, the decor took me a little while to get used to. However, once I had sat down, admired the koi carp and tasted the amazing (and yes, rather non-Japanese) spicy caipirinha, I was left eagerly anticipating the arrival of our food! I have only good words to say about their excellent value and wonderful tasting bento boxes. All in all, this is a winner for me, especially for a special occasion!


A very new addition to the thriving Leeds Thai food scene, Zaap is perhaps the best authentic option on the market in Leeds. Offering a wonderful atmosphere that comes complete with tuk-tuks, free popcorn (though you have to help yourself) and all the craziness that any Bangkok street market can boast, the food also represents excellent value. My tip is to go for the amazing pad thai (maybe uninspired but this dish is what a real pad thai should taste like) and make sure you leave room for a pancake dessert!


Tucked away in Trinity Kitchen, Pho is an excellent chain that offers some truly divine Vietnamese food in the heart of Leeds! Of course, being a street food stall, the prices are low, making this a great place to grab a taste of Asia on the go! Whilst anything off the menu is worth recommending, the beef brisket soup is our particular favourite; it offers such an amazing flavour sensation and is both filling and fantastic tasting! All in all, Pho offers a great taste of a cuisine that is often so easily overlooked but when done well can be truly tasty!

Do let us know if you can think of any other suggestions or if you agree or disagree with my choices by commenting below!

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