Nannies share troublesome secrets on Whisper app

Juggling the demands of work and childcare can be tough, and sometimes it can seem that there is no option other than to hire the help of a nanny to chip in with caring for a baby or older child.

This is something we’re happy to say that we’re planning on avoiding for our little one and after reading an article in the Daily Mail today regarding “nannies dishing the dirt”, I can say I’ve never felt more comfortable with our decision!

The shocking article in the Daily Mail revealed some of the secrets shared by nannies on “secret-sharing app Whisper” (I know, I’d never heard of it either).

With one nanny stating that she simply dumps her charges in front of the TV when she “can’t be bothered” to look after them, and another stating that “the more I watch these kids the less I want kids of my own”, it’s alarming how little we may actually know about the true personalities of the people we entrust to look after our kids e.g. whether or not they actually like children!

On the flip side, there were some heartwarming secrets shared by nannies on the app, but it’s always the more worrying statements that stick in the mind!

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