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Castle Terrace in Edinburgh: Spring menu introduces new delights for Scottish foodies

We’ve reviewed Castle Terrace, a fantastic Michelin Star restaurant in Edinburgh, before, but this weekend went back for our second visit.

The menu has been updated since we last went but it was equally as divine a foodie visit as last time. Whilst my parents and I stuck to the main menu, Kyle opted to sample a selection from the Spring Celebration of the Season menu.

He ordered the tartare of roe deer starter, which came with an intriguing mustard ice cream. He had been a little concerned it would be too gamey for him, but the taste was delicate and sophisticated, and offset by the flavour of the ice cream.

Moving on to the mains offered on the Celebration of the Season menu, Kyle had roasted turbot with Wye Valley asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Delicate flavours once more, but the homemade hollandaise sauce and impressively sized stalks of asparagus lifted the dish to another level entirely.

If you’re in Edinburgh and want a fine dining Michelin Star experience, you are very much spoilt for choice, but Castle Terrace is a consistently impressive option, with the latest menu update doing nothing to change its status as a forward-thinking British restaurant.

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