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Where to eat breakfast in Edinburgh: Choose Pâtisserie Maxime for a sweet treat

Yesterday morning I sent Kyle out to bring back breakfast before a busy day in Edinburgh. I suggested Pret since it’s near to where we’re staying, but he went one better by finding a gem of a breakfast location just down the road: Pâtisserie Maxime. For those of you who know Edinburgh, it’s right next door to the ever-popular Caledonian Backpackers.

This trendy little pâtisserie offers a wide range of tempting baked goods to customers wanting to sit in to laze away the morning over a coffee, cake, and a newspaper, or, as in our case, to take away before facing the day ahead.

Patisserie Maxime in Edinburgh

Inside the patisserie

Patisserie Maxime in Edinburgh

A vast range of tempting goodies

Kyle bought me a pain au chocolat, which was topped with some delicate icing, and also purchased two macaroons, one for him (raspberry and lychee) and one for me (salted caramel).

The pain au chocolat was delicious; the pastry was flaky and warm, the chocolate dark and naughty, and the icing on top was, well, quite literally the icing on top! It added a sweet dimension which offset the bitterness of the chocolate.

Patisserie Maxime in Edinburgh

Flaky chocolatey goodness

The real star of the show, however, came in the form of the macaroons. They tasted incredibly fresh and were stuffed full of gorgeous flavours. To be honest, I could have eaten five of them without any hesitation!

Patisserie Maxime in Edinburgh

Macaroons in all their glory

Kyle also bought himself a double macchiato (rich and satisfying) and the whole thing came in at around £5, which for the quality of the food seems very reasonable. With the service also top notch from the friendly lady serving on Saturday morning, it seems like there are plenty of reasons to recommend Pâtisserie Maxime as a location for a decent breakfast in Edinburgh.

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