Buying a baby car seat: does anyone know what to do?!

With our first baby soon to be born, one of the many confusing issues to contend with (along with everything else we know precisely nothing about, like nappies, feeding, and so on!) has been the thought of car seats.

We haven’t yet figured out precisely how to fit our car seat (at the moment it’s sitting on the nursery floor looking pretty and waiting for the big day) but we do know we have to figure it out sooner rather than later so it can be one worry to tick off the list.

It’d therefore be nice to think that there would be someone out there who knows how best to fit a baby car seat and who could offer some sound, reliable advice.

However, it would seem that finding experts who can offer said sound advice is harder than you may have imagined.

The papers this week have been full of the news that the Good Egg Safety campaign has found that 53 out of 82 popular shops, during secret shopper research, did not provide the right advice about installing child seats, which isn’t particularly reassuring!

The research found that a number of high street stores didn’t even ask the child’s height when selling a new seat to families with kids.

Quite why there has to be so much room for error with something so important is mystifying, and I just hope that we can figure ours out sufficiently between now and our little one’s arrival.

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