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Americans snapping up alligator meat across the States

Caroline looks at something new for the barbecue…

We love our family holidays in Florida. In fact our 2016 escape to the sunshine is already booked and this time there will be 7 of us, with the Leeds Foodie baby coming too!

A big part of the holiday is the barbecue round the pool and so I was interested to read in this weekend’s Times that alligator meat has taken off in the States in a big way. The two main States for alligators, Florida and Louisiana, have 3.3 million between them in the wild so you would think there would be no shortage. However, it is reported that demand far exceeds supply, resulting in prices (now around $22 a pound on the retail market) having doubled in the last three years.

The meat is similar in taste to chicken but is leaner and lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, so all good news for the health conscious. The most popular cuts are the ribs and the tenderloin and there are a surprising number of recipes online.

I have to admit to being a bit of a wimp with alligators and was not tempted last year to join the younger members of our party in their canoe, given the company in the water!


I’ll therefore be far happier if the next alligator I see is on my plate with a nice salad!

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