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Park Plaza Westminster: A luxury, modern hotel in the heart of London

I have family who live very near to London and I therefore don’t often need to stay in the city itself. There have been a few odd occasions, though, during which I have needed to stay overnight right in the heart of London. On the best of those occasions, I have been lucky enough to stay in the fantastic Park Plaza Westminster hotel.

Situated in the heart of the city, overlooking the Palace of Westminster, and (especially in the rooms on higher levels) with great views of the whole of the Thames, this is an easy to access and very modern four star hotel.

Although you always expect to pay a pretty penny in London for any accommodation option, it is not always the case that the level of service you receive offers value for money. One particular hotel example of this for me is the Thistle Marble Arch, which is comparable in price to the Park Plaza yet offers absolutely none of the quality offered at the Plaza.

For me, the real treasure in this hotel comes in the form of the modern nature of the rooms. There are good amenities on offer for the business-conscious traveler, whilst it’s a decent option for families and couples wanting an escape in the city with a spectacular view.

The rooms are spacious and have a nice décor that is unlikely to offend anyone’s taste but the view is where this hotel wins the day. If you think about it, you are liable to splash out around £25 per person for the London Eye (unless you get a good deal) and for that you only receive a fleeting 30 minute view of London. So, you may as well put that cash towards this hotel and forget your tickets! I exaggerate a little, but if you don’t know the skyline when you arrive, you certainly will by the time you check out!

Of course being a four star hotel, you get the little extras thrown in that, whilst not really necessary for a decent stay, are appreciated whilst away from home. The hotel restaurant is perfectly acceptable, the breakfast buffet is really good (and I have high standards for breakfast buffets!) and will fill you up all the way through until dinner, whilst there is also a swimming pool for the health conscious traveler.

Add into the mix the easy transport links, quick access to tourist sites, and the fact that you are not paying for a trumped up name that doesn’t deliver what it promises and you should find little reason not to consider giving the Park Plaza Westminster a try.

As a final note, for anyone looking for a special treat or to pamper their better half, the Plaza also has a highly recommended Mandara spa.

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