Where to buy maternity jeans in Leeds: my tips!

Charlotte takes a look at where to buy maternity jeans after a frustrating shopping experience!

When it comes to buying maternity clothing, there’s a definite balance to be struck between choosing something comfy and something that leaves you feeling confident and looking at least vaguely stylish!

I’d bridged the gap between pre-pregnancy jeans and maternity jeans with the use of two belly bands from Mothercare and that was fine for a few weeks, but as I approached the five month mark, it became clear that the maternity jeans hunt proper would need to start sooner rather than later.

After trudging around a few shops, most of which didn’t even have a maternity clothes section (Next was the most disappointing – available only online or in their catalogue), and trying on some super tight skinny jeans in H & M which made me feel like a whale, I was about to give up all hope.

However, after going into Mamas & Papas and finding no maternity clothes there whatsoever, the shop assistant told me to pop along to Primark, so I followed her tip!

Initially I was disheartened again as the modest single rail of maternity clothing jumped out at me, with most of the garments not looking like my style at all. My eyes then fell on some dark grey/black skinny jeans, with an over the bump fitting. I snatched them up and tried them on, and couldn’t believe how comfy they were!

At £13 per pair (£13!!!), I decided to buy them in my pre-pregnancy size, safe in the knowledge that if I need to go up a size later on I can quite happily shell out another £13 without feeling guilty.

I’m really happy with my purchase. The jeans look good, are ridiculously comfortable (we should all wear maternity jeans all the time!) and they were such a bargain.

So, my recommendation to save you time and faff looking for decent maternity jeans is head straight to Primark!

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