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How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with crème fraîche

Charlotte had been craving eggs for breakfast for some time and being a dutiful husband I had decided to make her some! The only question was how to turn scrambled eggs into a more ‘interesting’ dish rather than just some slightly dry bits of beaten up egg!

Having had a look online at various ideas, with debates including whether to use a cold or a warm pan, I finally found a few ideas that struck my fancy and decided to go with the flow by amalgamating several different ideas whilst using up some leftovers from the fridge. The key to the newfangled and hopefully amazing eggs was set to be… crème fraîche!

Grabbing three eggs, my mixing bowl and a whisk, I set to work loosening up the eggs and getting them nicely seasoned before adding the crème fraîche to the mix. Given the massive difference in consistency and the fact that I certainly didn’t fancy lumps in the middle of the scrambled eggs I kept whisking for a touch longer than usual before deciding that enough mixing had been done and it was time to take the plunge…

I favoured (controversially or not!) the cold pan approach on a medium heat and popped the eggs in the pan and started to get them moving, leaving them to rest for a few seconds every so often before going back to stirring.

Wanting to keep them runny but also wanting to ensure they were cooked through, the whole process took about five minutes. When coming straight out of the pan onto nice warm buttery toast you could see the consistency was excellent and the crème fraîche had certainly helped to create a delicate, smooth, creamy texture.

Sadly I had only really made enough for one but Charlotte was kind enough to let me have a taste and I was pleasantly surprised by the slightly bitter note that helped to keep the eggs balanced and not too sweet. I was certainly a fan. Charlotte went so far as to say they were the nicest scrambled eggs she’d ever eaten, and she loves her scrambled eggs!

All in all, it rarely helps to ‘play’ around with staple foods but this dish was such a success that if I happen to be using crème fraîche and have some left over in the future, it will certainly be going in with my eggs!

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