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A sweet suprise at the Olive Tree

As I have previously covered the great food and service provided by Greek restaurant The Olive Tree, I won’t bore you to death with another review of this Leeds institution!

That said, after visiting tonight once again, I can now recommend the brilliant courgette side dish and say that without a doubt the salmon dish I had tonight was one of the better fish dishes I have eaten in a while. Also, my wife is still a little bit addicted to their lamb moussaka!

The real focus for this short blog is the fact that for once we had room for pudding (maybe as a result of not having any booze with our meal?!) and our puddings of choice so impressed me that I feel compelled to blog about it!

As someone who cannot describe himself as a pudding man (being more like John Torode than Greg Wallace!) I rarely get that excited about a ‘good pud’. The Olive Tree has made me reconsider this on two counts. Having enjoyed a beautiful starter and a delicious main the pudding was always going to be a nice little treat, with no intention for it to be the standout event. However, once my elegant baklava arrived, joined by my wife’s fantastic profiteroles dish, I knew we were in for a treat!

Biting into the baklava the balance was there; not too sweet, nice and sticky, and with a good nutty crunch. The rose water on the plate also seemed to cut through the sweetness. As well as this, the portion size was excellent and left you wanting more (always a good sign!) and the whole dish was well decorated to boot.

As for Charlotte, she had nothing but praise for a pudding that is hard to make in an original form but somehow The Olive Tree have found a way. The profiteroles themselves seemed to be smothered in a cross between chocolate mousse and chocolate ice cream, with an accompanying scoop of rich vanilla ice cream. Simply put, it was heavenly! Sometimes profiteroles can become a little dry and crusty, but the outer layer of chocolate mousse kept the whole thing moist and moreish.

With this in mind (especially if you have a Gourmet Card as you can get two for one on all courses, providing amazing savings), I have to say that a trip to The Olive Tree may not be complete without a nice pud to end on!

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