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Cleaver: A Southern American treat

Whilst many Leeds food bloggers might well venture down to the south of England to go to London, very few end up making it down to suburban Surrey – an area deemed worthy of only one paragraph in the last Great Britain Lonely Planet guide!

As an intrepid foodie, and with family in the area, my wife and I often make our way down to deepest darkest Leatherhead in the heart of the commuter belt. In this hub there is a rather thriving food scene that often seems to reflect the prevailing trends of food and eating out.

In this instance we were heading out for a quick lunch and ended up heading to a local eatery that has only relatively recently opened. I will offer a disclaimer at this point to say that the service time was rather poor. That said, I complained and they were quick to accept their errors and gave us a voucher for the next time we visit. In my opinion an honest response is often a better statement about an establishment than making the error in the first place.

Sitting down to eat, the lunch menu offered excellent value for people on a business lunch, as well as for people looking for a good quality lunch at a reasonable price.

With the six of us having different tastes, the menu provided an excellent amount of variety to suit all tastes. Having chosen to go with a spicy chicken & chorizo salad I was rather anticipating food envy – fortunately on this occasion I was to be pleasantly surprised.

My wife chose to go with half a chicken with a spicy sauce and some sweet potato chips, a dish which managed to hit a lot of positive notes. The chicken was like Nandos but meatier! The sweet potato chips were so nice my wife said she could have “eaten a truck of them”.

Having enjoyed the fact that both dishes provided a range of textures, a good range of flavours and most importantly hit the right size portion for a hearty lunch, we certainly could not complain about not having a good feed.

With this in mind should we start seeing Cleaver make its way up the M1 we shall certainly not be hesitating about heading in for another try of a restaurant that is certainly worth paying a visit.

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