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Cleaver in ‘chicken restaurant decides not to sell chicken’ shocker!

It may sound like a dodgy Daily Mail headline but, as Caroline discovers, Cleaver genuinely has removed rotisserie chicken from its menu…

I have been quite a fan of Cleaver ever since it opened in my local town. It was a good place to meet friends for a quick lunch and their special lunch menu at £6.99 was particularly good value. Their rotisserie chicken was in my humble opinion their very best dish and this was borne out by the number of people eating it whenever I went.

You can imagine my disappointment therefore when I went in last week and found that not only was there no longer a lunchtime menu but, horror of horrors, there was no longer any rotisserie chicken! After seeming to place a real focus on its chicken options, Cleaver now calls itself a burger, steak and ribs restaurant, having removed the rotisserie chicken from its menu from May 1st.

I settled for the half rack and wings but was pretty disappointed as neither ribs nor wings tasted particularly freshly cooked. With a portion of fries on the side this came to £12.90, almost double the cost of my old favourite of half a chicken and fries.

To me, Cleaver without the chicken is like Pizza Express without the pizza. I am no fan of huge chains, and I liked the fact that Cleaver only has three restaurants. However, I’m just left hoping that Nandos comes to town and that I can get my chicken fix there instead! When I visit the Leeds Foodies in just over a week I will certainly be heading to the Bird & Beast to give that a whirl.


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