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A little change a good thing at Pinche Pinche

As I have previously reviewed Pinche Pinche, I don’t wish to do a full review today, but as they have undergone a wholesale menu change I felt a quick update might be required!

First off, don’t worry, the excellent atmosphere and choice of drinks is still intact! A fantastic margarita (with a chilli rim on request) is still available but it is now complemented by a wider choice of excellent tequila options.

With this in mind, a pre-dinner drink at one of the local pubs in Chapel Allerton such as the Mustard Pot is a nice treat but certainly not a requirement before your dining experience.

So, to the menu. It has changed and the key thing to notice is that for mains there is now a choice between a variety of soft shell tacos or an enchilada plate or burrito.

Readers of my previous review will be pleased to note as well that the famous guacamole has not been removed from the menu and the portion size is still very generous. However, they have now started to cater for those who are eating on their own or want to share some starters as the guacamole can now be ordered as a smaller size.

Sadly, the excellent fajitas have now gone from the menu, which is a bit of a shame. However, the quality of ingredients and balance of flavours on offer from the other main dishes is top notch.

For those of you with spice issues, the chilli choice of your salsa is now gone so it will require a quick word with your waiting staff to ensure you are not going to get blown away and end up pleading for milk!

All in all, the changes are subtle but they do have an impact on your dining experience. Thankfully though, this is not in a negative way, meaning that Pinche Pinche is still a first rate choice for a Mexican treat!

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