Restaurant reviews

A spicy surprise with a pinche of Margarita!

Chapel Allerton is an area that somehow manages almost unknowingly to cause good eateries to gravitate towards it, whilst casually spitting out with little disregard those that fail to uphold the high quality standards it demands.

So, a visit to Pinche Pinche for the first time felt like a trip into either trepidation or taste sensation.

From the outside, Pinche Pinche appears similar to so many other so-so Mexican restaurants that gobble up your money and stomach space without ever making a real impression on taste buds or palate. However, within a second of the first drop of chilli margarita (the rim of the glass cleverly providing the chilli element!) I thought that I might be on to a winner, and my suspicions were confirmed when the guacamole I ordered turned out to be possibly the nicest I have ever had (and trust me I have had some good guac!) Creamy and with a burst of citrus flavour with hidden chilli undertones it all matched up perfectly with a basket of home cooked tortilla chips and it all made for a perfect portion for two.

After that succulent feast of flavour I couldn’t help but salivate when thinking of what flavours would be exploding in my mouth when my ‘little donkey’ (otherwise known as a west coast burrito) turned up at the table, and it arrived cut beautifully in half and spiced exactly as I requested. With the lamb I had chosen really aromatic, the spice leaving a warm glow in my stomach, and the Monterey Jack Cheese leaving my palate tingling with joy, the only downside was finishing this satisfying dish!

And so it turned out that dessert was the only dish that needed sampling and the chocolate covered churros with a soft and smooth vanilla ice cream did the trick on this count, leaving me with the satisfaction of enjoying a dish that was not too rich but left me in a happy food coma.

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