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Pickles and Potter – a treat worth the price…

N.b. Pickles and Potter has now closed its shop in Leeds, however, they now deliver and are operating online.

Having an independent sandwich shop in Leeds that offers excellent quality in terms of both food and service should be treasured and that is why I am unashamedly going to promote and rave about Pickles and Potter: an institution that benefits the Leeds food scene no end. So, apologies for the slightly biased review!

Located in a rather hidden away part of the Queens Arcade in Leeds, it nevertheless has an appealing exterior that fits in beautifully within the arcade’s way of clinging to the past and all the positive aesthetic connotations that come with this traditional feel.

In fact, this is the case to such an extent that it proves Leeds can retain some of the majestic beauty that has been ruined by some of the more recent developments (e.g. Bridgewater Place!)

Once you have made your way inside (be warned you will be queuing to sit down if you are there around lunchtime) your choices are plentiful. That said, the real choice from my point of view is really only what kind of cheese to enjoy with the roast beef sandwich that simply equates to a flavour bomb in your mouth!

With so many awful restaurants overcooking beef and ruining the most tender of meat cuts this is a welcome change (only Weetons in Harrogate occasionally treat beef properly that I know of). The properly cooked beef makes the sandwich what it should be even before you throw in the crunch of the carrots, the spice of the chilli cheddar and the freshness of the rocket and tomato salad that in combination provide you with that lovely peppery taste that otherwise has to be dragged into the party – and far too often takes over.

With excellent vegetarian options available (and even a lovely vegan sandwich that is a real beauty) this is not just a place for meat fiends and there are lovely salads on offer for those who suffer from gluten intolerance.

If you choose to enjoy a lovely cup of tea (brewed on site) you can really watch the hours pass by as the tea and treats keep coming. Just watch the pennies as this is not Greggs or some other fast food place: you pay more and you get more as a result.

Next time you fancy that lunchtime treat – whether on the hoof or for a sit down lunch – there really is no better sandwich shop in the middle of Leeds.

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    • Sadly no longer an option to sit in but you can order online with them – well worth it for a special occasion. Let’s hope they start up again soon.


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