Taking on the great outdoors this autumn with Reima

When it comes to winter through to late spring, cabin fever is something to dread for parents of little ones! Soft play and baby groups have their place, but sometimes getting outdoors gives both you and your little one that lovely opportunity to enjoy some bonding in the fresh air during a time of year that might seem full of challenges to navigate, but doesn’t need to prove impossible.

Reima are dedicated to helping parents escape cabin fever, and recently launched their #millionhoursofjoy project, which we are firm supporters of. Their products are cleverly designed for toddlers and children who love the great outdoors, and one such product that we’ve been road-testing is the toddler rain outfit, the Tihku.


These rain sets come in a range of colours and sizes, from the highly visible (!) yellow that we picked, to more understated colours. Don’t spend too long picking a colour though; your little one will feel so comfortable in this set that it will soon turn puddle-coloured!

The set can be worn over the top of a regular outfit, it’s lightweight and can be stuffed into a rucksack, and most importantly the material is truly waterproof. Wellies permitting, your little one can pretty much go as deep into a puddle as they fancy (and yes, we have pushed this to the boundaries of what is acceptable!).

The outfit is also fully adjustable, which means it will grow with your little one, making this a sound investment for more than just one season.

With Reima, there is no reason to fear the outdoors during this time of year; it’s all about making sure you head outside properly equipped!

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