September’s Walker Books: Babies, dogs, trains, and creepy crawlies!

Buster and the Baby

Buster and the Baby is a clever tale that has a surprising ending (we won’t give it away here!). The artwork is gentle, but the action fast-paced, which is a nice contrast for little readers. We laughed at this book as adults as it reflects the sort of relationship our little girl has with our long-suffering cats.

Follow the Track all the Way Back

This is our favourite book from our September delivery from Walker Books. The story follows a cute little train, called – you guessed it – Little Train, who is going out on the track by himself for the first time and far away from his mum and dad. We won’t ruin the plot for you, but needless to say he finds himself slightly lost at the end of a track on his first outing. Our little girl loves trains, and so demands this book at bedtime now. She loves listening to me trying to make the train noises on each page to her, and loves naming and pointing at all the different animals who appear throughout the tale. This is a great bedtime story for train-loving toddlers!

The Little Adventurers: What Bear? Where?

It just so happens that our little girl, as well as loving trains, loves spiders just as much (if not more!). The second instalment of a brand-new picture book series, Little Adventurers, is perfect for her, as it features all sorts of creepy crawlies, including spiders and worms. This is a book packed full of action and dialogue, and with some really cute touches, like a hand-drawn map of the kids’ garden at the end of the tale. These little touches bring the book to life and add a completely different dimension to the story.

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