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Demijohn launch six new handmade cordials for summer 2017

A large number of people over the last few years have opted to cut down on the amount of booze they consume, in part because of the amazing range of non-alcoholic beer, cider, and wine that now exists in the market. It also helps that brands have branched out to offer more interesting, unique soft drinks. Artisan liquid deli Demijohn is one of these, with the brand recently launching their six new handmade cordials that make being teetotal fun!

They are produced in six flavours – Nettle, Elderflower, Raspberry, Lemon & Mint, Rhubarb & Ginger and Lime & Chilli – and they are so concentrated that you only need a small amount to dilute with sparkling or still water.


The cordials are handmade by micro producer Charlotte Grant, who has been making amazing cordials from hedgerow ingredients gathered in and around her Suffolk home for a number of years.

We sampled the nettle cordial and were introduced to a unique flavour we’d never really sampled before. The sweetness of the cordial was balanced by a degree of sharpness from the nettle. It tasted like quite a healthy option and drank especially well as a weak cordial, rather than with a stronger dose. A little really does go a long way with these cordials!

The cordials are priced at £6.45 for 100ml, £9.95 for 375ml and £12.75 for 500ml sealed bottles and are available in store and by mail order via Demijohn’s website.

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