July’s Walker Books: Kiki and Bobo return, as does Shirley Hughes!

July saw the return of Kiki and Bobo into our little girl’s life! She is a huge fan of these little lift-the-flap story stars, and gets very excited whenever she hears their names. In this tale, ‘Kiki and Bobo’s Super Surprise’, Kiki and Bobo are planning a surprise party, but who for? It’s a special tale that was very nicely timed for our little girl as it’s just been her birthday. She went to sleep after reading this book singing happy birthday to herself! The illustrations capture the excitement of the story brilliantly.

We also sampled ‘Let’s Join In’, which allowed me to relive the nostalgia of my childhood spent reading the beautiful stories from Shirley Hughes. This charming collection of four classic stories is perfect for sharing with your little one. It’s full of action, full of life, yet strangely calming for reading just before bedtime. The stories are probably a little old for our two-year-old, but she loved pointing at the pictures, which are as stunning and nostalgic as you’d expect.

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