Introducing Didriksons’ Pani jacket for summer showers

We’re sitting typing this on a rainy summer’s day in Leeds. Because there are more of those than there seem to be sunny scorchers, a good waterproof jacket for little ones is essential. As you’ll know if you’re regular readers of the blog, we’re big fans of Didriksons, and we’re currently letting our little girl put the brand’s Pani jacket through its paces.

The Pani jacket is an outdoor jacket for little ones that comes with a detachable hood and visible reflectives to enhance safety, especially useful on cloudy days or autumn evenings when the sunlight starts hiding away early on. Best of all, though, it can be adjusted at sleeve and hem for enhanced longevity, which is needed since the price point is slightly higher than your standard kids’ jacket.

The price point is justified by the bunch of additional features the Pani boasts, such as waterproof and windproof material up to 100%, a chin guard, and decent breathability. It also helps that the jacket looks great on, especially in one of the more eye-catching shades it comes in.

Our little girl has worn her coat to the park twice in the last week, and not only on rainy days; we also put it on her when she needs an extra layer of warmth but we don’t want to put a heavy jumper on her. All in all, this makes a great investment for all seasons in Yorkshire!

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