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Turtle Bay inject new life into their menu for summer 2017

Any time you walk past Turtle Bay in The Light in Leeds, it seems jam-packed with people having a good time. It seems clear that the restaurant is doing something right (and its generous happy hour offers help with that impression!) and its latest menu refresh is another ticked box when it comes to foodie offerings in the city.


Turtle Bay have injected a new lease of life into their menu with the addition of burgers, including a very tempting sounding lamb and mutton burger that comes with fresh mint and onion salad and herb mayo, all served in a bun glazed with pineapple jerk. They’ve also lined up some beautiful authentic dishes for summer, including slow braised beef rib, which is slow cooked and marinated with jerk seasoning, and beef cheek one pot, brought to life by star anise and cinnamon and served with a very satisfying flatbread.


The main attractions of the menu are still there and still pack a punch (it will take quite something to dissuade us from ordering our favourites of the pork belly followed by the golden rum cake – a true thing of beauty at Turtle Bay), but these new additions add new life to a really intriguing and inclusive menu.

The hits are also still there for the little ones; our little girl enjoyed a simple but tasty burger and sweet potato fries, and went absolutely crazy for the little pot of fried plantain – an absolute must order if you go to Turtle Bay with a toddler!

Why not pop down to Turtle Bay next time you’re in the city centre to see what this chain is doing so very right in the heart of Leeds?

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