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Yo! Sushi launch seven new dishes for summer 2017

Yo! Sushi have launched seven new dishes to inject some new Japanese flavours into our lives this summer. We’ve sampled the new additions and are delighted to bring you our thoughts! Here’s the rundown on the brand new dishes:

Bullet-Train Katsu Sando

This sandwich brings you everything you love about English sarnies, namely thick white bread with the crusts cut off, and everything you love about Japanese fast food, namely Katsu! The sandwich is packed full of chicken thigh coated in panko crumb and fried, then covered in Tonkatsu sauce and topped with a subtle spread of Japanese mustard. If you like chicken Katsu, you will love this, especially if a couple of slices of white bread is your idea of a naughty treat now and then!


Also, a quick note – if you’re skeptical about whether Japanese people really do eat these, we can tell you from experience from our trip in March that they really do! The little stalls near the bullet train stations sell plenty of these sandwiches, and they go down an absolute storm with Japanese commuters.

Fruity Beef Katsu

Sticking with the Katsu theme, the beef Katsu combines seasoned mince with those good old crispy panko crumbs. The mince goes brilliantly with the Tonkatsu sauce, and retains its succulence despite being fried. This was an early contender for our favourite dish of the evening.


Sweet and Sour Cod Nanbanzuke

Speaking of favourite dishes, a huge shout-out to this cod dish. I don’t normally like the flavour of sweet and sour sauce and avoid it if we go out for a Chinese. This, though, is sweet and sour on another level.


The fried pieces of cod take on all of the beautiful stickiness of a sweet and sour sauce but without any of the artificial, over the top flavour. We could have eaten plate after plate of this dish and would really recommend ordering this one, even if you’re not a big fish fan.

Izakaya Pork Teriyaki

Mmm…pork belly. There’s not much you can do wrong when it comes to pork belly, in our opinion, and coating it in teriyaki sauce is a masterstroke of an idea.


The pork belly was served in tender strips, and the teriyaki was more of a sticky glaze than a sauce, which made it even more intense. If you’re a meat fan, pick this dish.

Osaka-Style Squid

Kyle is not a squid fan, but fresh from trying what he described as some sublime squid at Iberica, he gave this a go. This squid, which is responsibly sourced, also passed Kyle’s taste test.


The squid is brought to life by the toppings, with smoky bonito flakes, aonori (seaweed to you and me), beni shoga (pickled ginger), mayo, and tonkatsu drizzled across it all. If memories of rubbery squid usually put you off ordering this sort of dish, take the plunge with Yo! Sushi’s squid; there’s nothing tough or rubbery about it.

Seared Beef and Pickle Roll

This is another fusion dish between English and Japanese cuisine. Imagine a clash between a roast dinner and sushi and you won’t be far from imagining this dish!


Seared, tender beef is wrapped around pickles, and cut like a standard sushi roll. This is a really attractive dish that, although not our favourite, is a really interesting dish to try, especially if you don’t like raw fish.

Tokyo Banana Cake

Everyone loves the combination of banana and dark chocolate, right?! And everyone loves it when this combination is brought to life by fresh cream.


This cake combines all of that to hit your tastebuds with a hit of sweet, to offset the savoury treats you know you’ll get at Yo! Sushi. One word of warning: be prepared to order more than one of these; one bite will make you want more and more!

Our Top Three Favourite Summer Yo! Sushi Dishes

It’s a tough one, but our top three new dishes are:

3. In third place, the intensely flavoured pork teriyaki
2. Just pipped into second place, the fruity beef katsu, with the succulence of the mince winning us over
1. In first position, the sweet and sour cod, an unexpected favourite but one which deserves to be a real winner for Yo! Sushi

One final word on the service. You can always rely on great service at Yo! Sushi and that was definitely the case here, from the knowledgable chef who talked us through the new dishes, to our waitress, who kept our little girl topped up with miso soup after she decided it was her new favourite food!

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