Find the perfect toddler gift with Sew Heart Felt

Do you have a birthday coming up for a little loved one in your life? If so, we’ve come across the perfect gift that combines practicality with plenty of ‘kid appeal’ in a sweet little bundle of cuteness.

The Sew Heart Felt Collection have designed a gorgeous pair of rabbit slippers, or to give them their proper name, the Rosie Rabbit slippers. With a wooly pom pom tail, cute little whiskers, and an adorable bunny face, these pink slippers, like everything in the Sew Heart Felt Collection, have been designed in England but handmade by women across the world using traditional crafts handed down through the generations.

The slippers are made with natural fibres and are extremely soft and comfortable for little feet. Our little girl loves wearing them and refers to them fondly as her “bunny shoes”. In a way, the slippers double up as practical shoes to keep little toes warm, and a lovely little character that your little one can add to their collection of cuddly toys and much-loved characters to help feed their imagination. The only struggle is convincing little ones to take their slippers off when they have to go outside and have to put proper shoes on!

The collection was awarded “Gift of the Year” for the Eco Friendly Award for 2012, 2013, and 2015, and it’s easy to see why. If rabbits aren’t your little one’s favourite animal, fear not, you could also pick up a pair of Pete the Penguin, or Sally the Seal, or maybe even Shep the Sheepdog!

To find your ideal pair and to find out more about this fantastic company, take a look at their website.

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