Toddler toys: Early Learning Centre sensory ball pit reviewed

The Early Learning Centre sensory ball pit was one of our presents to our little girl for her first Christmas. She was just under six months old then and this product is recommended for babies aged six months and over.

The sensory ball pit is, to put it simply, a ball pit with different colours, textures, portholes, and four textured beanbags and 20 balls as standard.

Therein lies the only problem with the ball pit: it doesn’t come with anywhere near enough balls! In fact, our ball pit only came into its own when we added another two big bags of balls, which puts the cost of this product all-in up significantly.

That aside, the ball pit will really come into its own when your little one is around a year old. That’s when our little girl could start getting in and out on her own, and enjoyed being submerged below the balls, before “jumping” out at us.

The ball pit should encourage little ones to explore, although it’s a day of mixed blessings when they learn how to post the balls through the portholes..! It has also helped our little girl to learn how to throw and how to drop, and we are actually also now using it to try to start to teach her different colours.

Rating (out of 5):

Ease of assembly – 5
Toddler-proof – 5
Toddler interest – 4
Price (new) – 2

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