Fisher Price Classics Little Snoopy pull-along toy reviewed

There are plenty of pull-along toys on the market, but picking one that brings joy to your little one can be a challenge. There are so many awful plastic options available that bear little or no resemblance to the actual item they are meant to depict, but Little Snoopy from Fisher Price Classics not only has a charming appearance but also requires no parental involvement to set up!

If your little one, like ours, loves animals already, then this toy will reinforce their love. The toy is ergonomically designed so little ones can use as a pull-along toy with the string, but is also easy for little ones to hold and push along the ground easily. The ears wobble and can be twisted around by little ones, but Little Snoopy does feel robust (our Little Snoopy has already had some tough love dished out to him by our little girl!), meaning that this product combines fun with durability.


In terms of practicalities, do bear in mind if you have cats or any other animal that loves nothing more than chewing through string, this is sorely tempting for them! We try not to leave our Little Snoopy lying around for too long unattended for this very reason.

The packaging states that the dog makes a ‘yip-yip’ noise when rolling along but this isn’t completely accurate; the noise is there but it isn’t particularly distinguishable as a dog sound!

The product (which is around the £15 mark) is suitable for kids from 12 months onwards but, even though our little girl was an early walker, this sort of product is only just starting to become suitable for her as a genuine pull-along toy. It does seem that it is around the 18 month mark that these products come into their own.

Rating (out of 5):

Ease of assembly – 5
Toddler-proof – 4 (but only 1 for cat-proof!)
Toddler interest – 5
Price (new) – 4

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