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A fascinating look at Guernsey’s occupation at La Vallette Underground Military Museum

World War Two saw mainland Britain suffer horribly from bombings, V1 and V2 rockets, and the general brutality of war, but the Channel Islands endured even more as they were occupied from 1940 until the formal surrender by Germany in 1945.

Wander around Guernsey and you can still see markers that give you insights into this dark past with fortifications, bunkers and tributes to those who died scattered around the island. For those of you who want to honour those who struggled against the occupying forces, a visit to the La Vallette Underground Military Museum, a short walk from St Peter’s Port, is a must do for any trip to Guernsey.


Set in a complex of air-conditioned tunnels that were used to store U-Boat fuel, the museum gives an insight into the occupation of Guernsey, as well as the Channel Islands in general and contains memorabilia, displays and information for visitors regarding the nature of the occupation. This includes information on and insight into food shortages, the imposition of Nazi laws, and the hardships that this period brought to the island.


The museum isn’t too big, so you can while away a morning or an afternoon here while still having time to enjoy St Peter’s Port seafront. You can even get away quickly to other parts of the island since the museum is so near the main bus terminal.


We would thoroughly recommend a visit here, especially if you aren’t able to head over to the excellent Occupation Museum that covers the occupation in greater detail.

Where is it: La Vallette, Guernsey, GY1 1HP
Cost: Adults £6, over 65s £4.50 and children £3.50

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