Why we love Usborne baby books

Given the huge range of children’s and baby books that are on the market today, it can be hard as a parent to know which ones are going to help your little one’s development whilst also being interesting and engaging for them.

One company that just seems to ‘get it’ when it comes to books for little ones is Usborne. We were delighted when we were given the chance try out a couple of newer books in their kids’ range.

From a very early age, our little girl has been a huge fan of the Usborne ‘That’s not my…’ books.  These have helped to expose her to a range of different animals, encouraged her to stroke and pat things (especially our three cats!) in a gentle way (as she is keen on exploring the textures of the book rather than just grabbing), and have also started to help her understand the magic of a good book.

One thing that she hadn’t been able to do so much with this series was relate it to herself in any way, that is until we got the That’s not my… height chart and book. The book itself is a perfect present, even for newborns, but the real magic of the book comes as your little one starts to grow up and develop an interest in comparing their height (which you can measure on the chart provided) with the idea of some of the animals in the book.

As well as this, our little girl has started to enjoy other touchy feely style books like the Peep Inside Space book. Not only do the illustrations help to bring the book to life, but they also bring to life a book that she can grow up with as she starts being able to comprehend the ideas shown in the book.

Overall, we’re big fans of Usborne and we have a sneaky feeling that ‘That’s not my… reindeer’ may be making another appearance this Christmas!

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