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Great British Menu Series 11: South West Week Preview

After what can only be described as a fantastic opening week during which we might have already seen the fish course wrapped up and taken to the banquet, South West week has a tough act to follow!

That said, we have three chefs who are not only capable of equalling the feats from the Scottish week but are even capable of surpassing them in the form of Josh Eggleton, Jude Kereama and Chris Wheeler. If you’re keen to find out a bit more about Jude and Chris we have exclusive interviews with them (Jude here and Chris here).

Jude didn’t make it to the banquet last year but has a real flair when it comes to seafood (with a New Zealand twist). He even named his restaurant ‘Kota’, which is Maori for shellfish. This year we think he can go further, so watch this space!

Josh Eggleton is so keen to avoid having his own restaurant labelled as a gastropub that he has to ensure that his cooking has that extra skill element to it in order to ensure that he avoids the constant attempts to label it as one! Having also previously appeared on Great British Menu, Josh is also desperate to show he can go further than he has previously and make it to the banquet.

Finally, there is Chris. Chris is no stranger to challenges given his dedication to running marathons and half marathons for charity but the challenge of getting to the banquet is perhaps one of the biggest he has faced in a career that has seen him earn three AA rosettes.

With these chefs in mind, we have a sneaky feeling that the South West week could be a cracker!

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