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Jet2 demonstrate family focus with Onboard Together commitment

One month after a drunken passenger verbally abused cabin crew and threatened a family, somehow managing to be so disruptive that the flight was diverted from Leeds to Manchester on its way to Larnaca, said passenger has now been sentenced to 6 months in prison and is being pursued by Jet2 for £10,300. He has also been banned for life from travelling with the Leeds-based airline.

Having previously endured a flight where drunken louts were actually thanked by cabin crew for not causing too much trouble (!) on another low cost airline, despite take-off being delayed by their behaviour, it is very pleasing to see that Jet2 have chosen to commit fully to their ‘Onboard Together’ philosophy, which bans the sale of alcohol on-board all flights before 08:00BST.

By looking to make flying less about drinking as much as you can and proving that those who are on drunken breaks abroad cannot bring the party to a family environment, Jet2 have shown that the words of Phil Ward, managing director of, are not hollow when he says: “Our customers, many of whom are families, should be able to look forward to an enjoyable flight experience with us and we will not let a disruptive few spoil this”.

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