Bambini and Me: Super-soft bamboo baby products created with love and care

Bambini and Me are a really intriguing company. The inspiration behind their business came about on a family holiday in Thailand. Melissa, one of the founders, came across a gorgeous pair of bamboo baby pyjamas and was shocked by how soft they were to touch and how beautiful they were to look at. This started her quest to bring truly ‘baby soft’ bamboo clothing and accessories into the lives of British babies!

Using bamboo for baby products has hugely positive environmental knock-on effects, but when we were sent some product samples to test out, the main factor for us was comfort for our little girl (one-year-old).

So, how did these products shape up to comparable products we already have at home? Well, for us, the key difference truly was the softness of the material. We were sent six bamboo washcloths and an oversized hooded towel, all made from soft bamboo.

I had previously been using flannels in the bath with my little girl (she tends to get a tad mucky at dinner time and needs a good wipe in the bath!). When I switched to the bamboo washcloths, I really did notice a difference. The only problem is that she loves touching the washcloths as much as I do, so it’s a bit of a fight to keep her from grabbing the material when I’m trying to wipe her face!

We were arguably even more impressed by the oversized hooded towel. It really is oversized (it’s huge!) and will clearly last our little one for years. The material, made from a delicate fibre blend of bamboo and cotton, is so soft to touch and I love wrapping my little one up in it after she’s come out of the bath all nice and clean. We have put our towel through the wash a few times now and the material has kept its super-softness, which is fantastic.

Bambini and Me also sell leather shoes. The company found themselves inundated with requests from parents about baby shoes, so decided to introduce a soft premium leather shoe. These are really cute. The shoes are soft-soled and our little girl has used them indoors and outdoors at the park. They are meant to replicate that bare-foot feeling to make the transition from not wearing shoes to wearing shoes easier for little ones to handle. Our little girl loves running around in them, and indoors also (for some reason) loves running around holding them in her hands!

Bambini and Me are a lovely company that sell great products at sensible prices. We would really struggle now to go back to using washcloths and towels not made from the material Bambini and Me use, and that’s a solid sign of a fantastic baby product.

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