Trundling Tractors Anorak Grobag: Stylish, safe, and snug

As parents, we have many products which help everyday life with our little girl to run smoothly. One of our favourite products is the Gro Bag, a baby sleeping bag designed to be used instead of traditional blankets and sheets. Gro Bags are ideal for ensuring little ones stay at the right temperature rather than kicking off blankets and sheets, getting cold in the process, or worse still, tangled up in the bedding.


Gro Bags are an incredibly safe bedding option for little ones. Babies can still move around in them (if you want evidence of this, our little girl can quite happily take five or six steps across her bedroom floor whilst inside her Gro Bag..!) but the fitted neck and arms ensure that they cannot slip out of them even when tossing and turning in their cots. In our experience, this all combines to make for a restful, undisturbed night of sound sleep for little ones.


We use Gro Bags so much that, to our little girl, they’ve become a familiar part of her bedtime routine. She knows that after a bath, she’s put into her sleep suit, and then zipped up in her Gro Bag. Usually, this is a fairly relaxed, peaceful routine, unless she’s still full of energy, in which case we might get the running across the bedroom as mentioned earlier! Ultimately, though, she knows that Gro Bag = bedtime. She even likes sitting on our knees in her Gro Bag before bed to read a story, all safe and snug and ready to be lifted straight into her cot.


Over 95% of parents in the UK now use baby sleeping bags, which is an astonishing stat given that 20 years ago they were pretty much an unknown in the parenting product world. It helps that not only are the Gro Bags backed up by logic, science, and safety testing, but they also look fantastic. They come in a range of designs, all of which will appeal to little ones with different tastes, and they really do look as good as they feel. We were sent the Trundling Tractors design by Anorak and, as you can see, it looks great.

If you’ve never tried Gro Bags before, give them a go. To us, they’ve become an everyday product that we can’t imagine doing without. I’m pretty sure if you give them a go, they’ll become a favourite in your home as well.

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