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Little Bees in Seacroft: Soft play centre reviewed

Little Bees in Seacroft is fast becoming our go-to soft play location when our little one has some energy to burn!

The indoor soft play centre is suitable for little ones up to the age of 10. Our little girl is currently in the youngest age band, 6-11 months (£1.80 entry fee) and loves the soft play area suitable for babies.

There’s a ball pit, climbing structures, what I can only describe as padded ‘rocking horses’ (except they’re in the shape of bees and ladybirds, of course!), sensory areas with mirrors and coloured lighting, and plenty more besides. The best thing for babies at this age (just starting to walk but taking the odd tumble) is that the whole area is fully padded, so they can be left to do their own thing without fear of hurting themselves.

For older kids, there’s a more adventurous play area, complete with big slides and other more daring activities suitable for those between 3 and 10 years old.

Another thing we love about Little Bees is the fact that the coffee and the food is actually quite nice. The BLT sandwich in particular is really good, with freshly cooked, crispy bacon and ‘proper’ bread. Sitting back with a mocha – really chocolatey and really moreish – watching our little girl have a good old stare at the other babies whilst rampaging around to her heart’s content, is a lovely way to spend an hour or two.

The entry fee to Little Bees gives you access for as long as you want; you won’t get chucked out here when you’ve stayed for a certain amount of time. Your eighth visit is also free with a stamped loyalty card.

Like all of its competitors in the soft play sector, the experience at Little Bees very much depends on the time you visit. Go early as it’s opening up on a Saturday morning and you’ll pretty much have the run of the place, at least for half an hour or so. Go mid-afternoon on a Saturday and things are slightly more hectic, to put it nicely..!

All in all, Little Bees is well worth a try if you have a little one and live in North Leeds.


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