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Baby led weaning: Nigella’s chicken thighs

We’re having a really fun time at the moment with our little one doing baby led weaning. With our little girl, most new foods seem to be going down quite well, and one of the best early meals she’s enjoyed with us is a Spanish chicken thighs recipe from Nigella.

It’s such a simple recipe but it’s a great one to try for anyone new to baby led weaning; this recipe will be popular with the whole family and it’s full of new flavours and textures for babies to enjoy. It’s also not the messiest of meals for baby led weaning, compared to the likes of cous cous (which gets EVERYWHERE) and fish pie (which tests even a stern stomach watching on as cod and mash mingle together on the fingers and then, of course, get shoved in the eyes).

To make Nigella’s thighs, just gather together any chicken thighs you have, or you can use chicken legs (we’ve even chucked in the odd wing) and drizzle them in olive oil. Throw in some chopped chorizo, a chopped red onion, some new potatoes (we substitute for sweet potatoes as our little one loves them), and two teaspoons of dried oregano.

Make sure everything is coated in oil and then put the whole dish in the oven at 200 degrees (for a fan oven) for around an hour (basting after half the cooking time).

Once it’s been cooked, remove from the oven and divide into separate portions. We shove our little one’s plate in the fridge for a few minutes (and we also don’t give her any chorizo as it’s cured meat) to cool it down before she tucks in and enjoys a hearty family meal together with us.

To make the meal even more baby led weaning friendly, you could do some asparagus sticks or broccoli on the side.


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