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David Stache discusses his love of fast, fresh, healthy food

Next week, Nourish Leeds is launching its new menu, boasting seasonal, nutritious ingredients that encapsulate the fresh flavours of spring.

The highlights are set to include Duck ‘Bang Bang’ (available as a wrap or a salad), a Spring Superfood salad and an updated meatball recipe with tomato, parmesan, tarragon and lemon.

The hot food section of the menu will now boast such delights as Beef Rendang (slow cooked Yorkshire beef, Malay spices, coconut and black beans) and Chicken and Red Pepper Tagine (with lentils, harissa and apricots).

As for pud, there’ll be Mango & Coconut Panna Cotta, Chocolate Avocado Mousse and Yorkshire Rhubarb Crumble sitting alongside the existing Sweet Potato Brownies (yes, they sound odd, but we’re told they’re delicious) and Dairy Free Cheesecakes.

The new menu will be available at Nourish’s Leeds restaurant next week and, to coincide with the new menu launch, we’ve been lucky enough to grab a few words with David Stache, founder of Nourish.

Q: As you like working with communities, have you been able to make use of the wonderful Leeds markets and suppliers for the Leeds Nourish branch?

A: If we’re low on ingredients after a busy day, we’ll head down to the market to pick up some bits, but for a business which has such a large volume it would be difficult to solely rely on the markets. We do, however, use local suppliers, and all of our meat is Yorkshire free range. Personally, I’m down at the markets around twice a week, at least once for some Turkish delight!

Q: Do you notice a change in people’s eating habits?

A: We obviously can’t monitor every meal our customers choose to eat – although we’re happy to advise on bespoke meal plans – that’s another service that we provide. However, as Nourish grows, we will be a positive influence on people’s eating habits, as more and more people choose Nourish over other unhealthy convenience food.

Q: Have you considered offering a ‘kids’ menu?

A: Yes we have. Introducing a Nourish kids menu is something that we’ve been planning behind-the-scenes for a while, and we’re really pleased to announce that this is something that we’ll be launching in the near future.

Q: What is the most exciting new dish for you on the new spring menu?

A: That’s a tough one. The spring menu brings many new flavours and ingredients into the mix, and once again we’ve made sure that we’re using quality, local produce in our key dishes, such as the Yorkshire rhubarb in our Spring Superfood salad. The richness of the Beef Rendang is something that I’m sure I’ll be enjoying for my lunch on a regular basis.

Q: How do you see Nourish developing over the next few years?

A: It’s hard to say really, we’re a driven bunch, and we do this out of passion for wanting to bring a healthy alternative to the high street fast food offering. We’re still a relatively young company, and we don’t have the financial power of the companies we sit next to – and want to compete with – at the moment. However, we are growing. Over the next few years you’ll be seeing a lot more of Nourish.

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