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PAX Burger set to bring casual, exciting food to Huddersfield

Eric Paxman may not be a household name but, in the world of Yorkshire food, he’s big news.

The chef, who trained under the likes of Marco Pierre White (in London) and Bill Grainger (in Sydney), opened his first restaurant ‘Eric’s’ in November 2010.

The restaurant in Huddersfield is currently the North East’s Regional Restaurant of the Year and offers seasonal menus characterised by quirky, creative touches.

If the likes of wood pigeon, smoked haddock gratin, and seared calves liver sound too exotic for your tastebuds, however, you may be interested to know that Eric is opening a posh burger joint in Huddersfield.

PAX Burger is set to open in late February and will offer diners more casual fare, albeit still using locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

The restaurant’s slogan is ‘Casual. Exciting. Delicious.’ but that’s pretty much all we know at the moment (although the ‘Burger’ in the title sort of gives a little bit more away)!

Stay tuned to the blog for more news on PAX Burger as and when we get it!



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