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Cookbook Review: Jeff Potter’s Cooking for Geeks

When you step into the kitchen to create a foodie masterpiece, you’re unwittingly stepping into the world of culinary science. Processes you’ve never really given any thought to have the potential to make or break whatever dish it is you’re making.

Some foodies are more interested in this sort of science than others, but Jeff Potter, in his book Cooking for Geeks, attempts to make it accessible, interesting, and enjoyable for the day to day foodie.

The book explains the science behind things we do every day in the kitchen. For instance, have you ever wondered why medium-rare steak is so popular? Or how quickly a pizza will overcook when you put it in an oven that’s too hot?

Potter also presents some pretty interesting recipes and ideas to try when you have a spare Sunday afternoon in the kitchen and don’t just want to bake another apple pie. After all, why bake an apple pie when you can make dishwasher poached apples (and yes, the name is literal, these apples are literally poached on the top rack of a dishwasher)?!

Some of the other fascinating parts of the book focus on interviews with experts in their own particular foodie fields.

One of these interviews is particularly interesting. Potter interviewed Linda Bartoshuk, a psychologist who has studied smell and taste in humans. She explains how it’s possible to make someone take greater pleasure than normal in a new dish of food by carefully selecting the person they eat the food with, and the location where they consume it.

Potter’s book is interesting and makes for gripping reading. It goes into great detail on scientific theory, but explains everything clearly so that you’re never left behind.

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for the geeky foodie in your life, you really should consider Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter.

I was sent a copy of Cooking for Geeks to review. All opinions are my own. The book is available via Amazon in the UK, priced at £26.50.

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