Family Days Out

Four baby-friendly bars in Leeds

If you live in Leeds and you’ve just had a baby, you could be forgiven for thinking that your days/nights out and about in bars in town are over! Well, think again. For various reasons over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been into a few bars in the city centre in Leeds and have found all of them to be very accommodating for taking along little ones.

Here are some recommendations if you are looking for baby-friendly bars in Leeds:

  • MEATliquor: Really accommodating for babies. We were shown straight to the accessible lift to take us down into the main bar and were given a table with loads of space for our pram. The DJ was setting up next to our table and was testing out some tunes, and came across to ask us at one point whether he was being too loud for our little one. MEATliquor is a popular bar in Leeds and I wouldn’t take our baby there in the evening as it’d be a bit much (for her, for us, and for other people!), but going at lunchtime was fine and I wouldn’t worry about going again.
  • The Alchemist: I wouldn’t dare try taking a pram into the crowded Alchemist in Trinity, but today we went to the new bar in Greek Street for a mocktail to celebrate an anniversary. Apart from a few steps up into the bar, it was not a problem at all taking a baby in here. We sat at a table with plenty of space for the pram and our little one slept the whole time. It wasn’t loud or raucous and we felt very comfortable being in there with her. The Alchemist also have high chairs for slightly older little ones if you’re wanting a meal.
  • Vodka Revolution: We went to Vodka Revs in Millenium Square a few weeks ago and took our baby. It was a fairly busy time but it wasn’t a problem to have our little one with us. I probably wouldn’t go again with her during evening service, but going at lunchtime would be fine.
  • Revolucion de Cuba: We haven’t actually been here but I peered through the window earlier at this new bar in Leeds and it seemed packed with mums with buggies! It just goes to show that you don’t always need to go to chain restaurants and bars if you have a baby to meet up with friends and family etc in Leeds city centre.

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