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Emirates launches the world’s largest passenger plane

While nothing of note particularly happened at this year’s Dubai Airshow, one headline that caught our eye was Emirates, the popular U.A.E carrier who are famous for being the biggest users of the Airbus A380, deciding to use this model to create the world’s busiest passenger plane!

British Airways has opted for a four cabin approach with the A380 that restricts the amount of people on-board, while Emirates has decided that for its 68th A380, it would create room for 615 people!

Despite this huge number of people (over 500 of whom are going to be in economy seats), the legroom remains an impressive 34 inches for economy passengers, while seat width goes from 18 inches to 17.5 inches, which is not a huge squeeze.

For those of you wondering how they have done this, Emirates have simply decided to remove first class from their new A380, which will be flying the Dubai to Copenhagen route, meaning that there will only be economy and business class seats (and a business class lounge) on board.

With many airlines going above and beyond to promote their first class experience, including Emirates’ main middle eastern rival Etihad, this is a different approach from one of the world’s biggest airlines that could mark a turning point in airline travel.

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