Restaurant reviews

Kobe in Horsforth: Is it justifiably popular with mums and babies in Leeds?

Kobe in Horsforth is, by night, something of a boozy magnet for locals keen for a cheap drink or three and perhaps a bite to eat.

It can get pretty rowdy in there (I speak from my experience of the one time I went to Kobe on a work night out pre-baby!) but by day, bizarrely, Kobe seems to become the meeting place for groups of mums with their babies in Horsforth.

I met up with some NCT friends at Kobe a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see a whole corner of the bar taken up by prams, car seats, mums, and babies. There’s loads of space in this corner of Kobe for groups of mums to settle in for an afternoon of food, catching up, and a coffee (although clearly some were tucking into the wine!).

We were ordering food and it took a while for the staff to realise that we needed someone to come to our table to take our order (it’s not easy for six mums with babies on their knees to go up to the bar to order and pay). Eventually, someone sorted us out and we ordered our dishes.

The food was OK; I ordered crab and prawn risotto which seemed to be dominated by a tomato sauce with a very faint trace of crab. Nonetheless, the prawns on top were really nicely cooked. Other people had ordered burgers and those looked quite good.

There was nothing really wrong with Kobe; it was just slightly odd sipping coffees and talking about everything baby-related whilst groups of middle aged men sat on nearby tables staring at us and downing pints of beer (and huffing and puffing when having to move their chairs slightly for us to get our prams past after our meal).

There was also nothing hugely wrong with the food, but for the price (these aren’t exactly Wetherspoon prices), I felt like I expected a bit more.

If you are looking for a place to meet in Horsforth that welcomes mums and babies and has plenty of space for prams, you could try Kobe, but you’d probably feel more comfortable heading out to one of our favourites, Crag House Farm (a mere five minute drive from Horsforth).

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