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Wiggles in Idle: Fun for little ones of all ages

This week, I went to Wiggles in Idle for the first time. I didn’t really know what to expect and was slightly wary of taking a three month old there as I wasn’t sure how much she’d get out of the experience at such a young age. For £1.50 (yes, £1.50, you can’t even buy a cup of coffee for £1.50!), I couldn’t really argue with trying it out, so along I went with a friend from our NCT class.

Wiggles is divided into three rooms, all suitable for children of different ages. We spent most of our time in the baby sensory room, suitable for babies under the age of one. The baby sensory room is dimly lit, with light shows from an array of gadgets on the side, bubble tanks lit up in different colours, and a variety of items to play with like textured balls, beanbags with plastic toys to hit or kick, and a ball pool. It was so quiet and relaxing in there that I could have sat down on a beanbag myself and fallen asleep in the dark!

We had mixed success with the ball pool; our little one liked it for a while and then decided not to like it so much! The main thing she loved was watching the different coloured lights flashing across the room. For a three month old baby, this is fascinating to watch and take in, and she also liked lying on the beanbags hitting the little plastic toys hanging down.

The next room at Wiggles is suitable for babies under two years old. We spent some time in here as some of the activities were suitable for little babies as well. She loved the jumperoo, even though she’s probably still a bit small for it. It was also nice in this room to see babies of a slightly older age and to speak to their mums to learn what we have to look forward to..!

The third room is for toddlers. It’s full of soft play equipment and very spacious for little ones full of energy! We obviously didn’t go into this room but I did peek around the door and it looked like a lot of fun.

Another thing I loved about Wiggles is that you can text them from whatever room you’re in and order a cup of tea, a cake, or a toastie. You simply text a number written on the wall and a few minutes later the food and drink is brought straight to you! A simple idea but an effective one.

It’s not often that you can find activities for babies or young children that cost £1.50 for a couple of hours of fun and this low cost represents fantastic value at somewhere as fun and varied as Wiggles in Idle. Also, don’t worry if you haven’t got anyone to go with; all of the other mums seemed really friendly and happy to chat, but similarly, if you aren’t the sociable type, it’s fine to just do your own thing for the duration of your stay at Wiggles.

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