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Caybeach Meloneras: Fun family-friendly option…but lacking finesse

The Caybeach Meloneras hotel is set in a good location in this popular tourist resort. It isn’t located along the promenade like many of the big, more expensive hotels, but it’s a mere 10 minute stroll to the resort restaurants and cafes, and about the same to the main beach in the other direction.

We decided to book this hotel as it was fairly cheap and also offered self-catering facilities, so we could cook ourselves rather than go out all the time. So, how did we find our stay at Caybeach?

Well, there were two flaws with the hotel that, although mildly irritating, didn’t ruin our stay. They are worth mentioning though. The first was the maze-like layout of the hotel. We were located down near the bottom of the hotel complex and on several occasions during the first few days got badly lost trying to navigate the labyrinth of paths and steps with our pram.

Some signs are badly needed for those looking for accessible paths down to the rooms and back up to the reception area. We mastered the route in the end but not without a fair amount of swearing along the way!

The other annoyance was the reception staff. We had read in reviews before arriving that the staff had on occasion let Caybeach down and we had to agree that they could have been more helpful and more welcoming.

The staff at the poolside bar and the on-site shop were really nice and it’s a shame this attitude didn’t carry through to the reception staff.

Moving on to the positives, our room was spacious and comfortable, although it was annoying that we weren’t given two room keys as taking the room key out turned off the electricity and, in the process, the fridge, meaning that our milk went sour on the first day! Also, there were two days when our apartment wasn’t cleaned. We had been told that in advance but it was a little irritating.

The kitchen area was fine, although there were limitations on what we could make with the tiny gas hob. Kyle made some brilliant omelettes and we enjoyed those each morning with some coffee (albeit made with a whistling kettle you put on the hob to boil, so we had to wait about 10 minutes each time we wanted a hot drink).

The pool areas were lovely and it was nice and relaxing sunbathing next to them. The temperature of the adult pools was good and going for a dip to cool down after an hour in the sun was great. Unfortunately, the baby pool was kept too cold for our little one to enjoy, but it was good for older children.

The on-site shop sells fairly good value snacks, ice creams, drinks, and essentials like eggs and some extremely tasty doughnuts! As for other amenities, there’s a well-equipped games room where we played some tense games of air hockey, some pool tables by the swimming pools, and a (concrete!) crazy golf course. All of this makes the hotel a sensible option for families.

Overall, I felt we got good value for money at Caybeach Meloneras. We did have a lovely holiday and enjoyed lazing by the pool in the gorgeous Gran Canaria sun, but we did feel that improving the service at reception and adding a few signs around the complex would elevate this hotel.

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