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Data roaming rip-off set to end… in the EU at least

Have you ever been abroad and wanted to check your mobile to see some news or to make a quick phone call home but feared coming home to a huge bill? I know I have in the past!

Good news is on the way though for consumers after it was agreed in the European Parliament that from the 15th June 2017 there will be a ban on data roaming charges, meaning that you will not be liable to fork out a fortune in addition to your normal contract charges should you choose to keep using your phone like you do at home.

Whilst this is a step forward (and one that has taken a long, long time to happen), it is still worth noting that the change in the roaming rip off policy only applies to travel within the EU. Should Britain leave the EU by 2017, or if you head to the likes of the USA for a holiday, you will still need to keep an eye out for how much data you use… unless of course you’re happy to come back to a huge phone bill!

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