Newborn highlights: the first six weeks

Our baby will be six weeks old this Friday. Since she was born, there have been innumerable highlights, and so many magic moments. Here are some of the highlights of our first six weeks with our little one, and some of what you’ll have to look forward to once your little bundle of joy arrives:

  • Eyes opening: for a day, or perhaps a couple of days, after birth, babies don’t really open their eyes. Their eyes stay screwed shut as they adjust to life outside the womb. Once their eyes open, though, it’s brilliant. Little pools of liquid cuteness that you can spend hours gazing into, you’ll wonder how on earth you passed the time before you had a baby!
  • The first smile: the first time your little one smiles (I’m talking real smiles rather than the smiles which signal an imminent nappy change!) is amazing. You notice their little eyes light up and their whole face crease up in a wonderful, proper smile. You’ll spend hours trying to recreate whatever you were doing that made them smile in the first place!
  • The first bath: For us, our first bath was a nightmare, so this is slightly inaccurate, but our second bath (and all subsequent baths) have been a delight. Our little one enjoys a good bath and we love it just as much! Cuddling them dry afterwards in a tiny little baby dressing gown is also exactly how you’ll want to spend your evenings.
  • Finally getting the hang of breastfeeding: It’s not always easy, and it feels like it takes a LONG time to get used to, but eventually it does start to feel normal. This is a great moment during these first few weeks!
  • Tummy time: After a few weeks, you’ll be able to introduce your little one to tummy time. Watching as they lift up their little head and wriggle their arms and legs is really cute.
  • Learning how to settle your little one: By six weeks, you might have found several techniques you can use to help settle your baby if they’re upset for no apparent reason. It’s a nice feeling when you’ve cracked that crucial combination of arm jiggling, body swaying, and inane whispered chatter!

Here’s to the next six weeks!

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