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Food news: Is bigger better when it comes to a BBQ?

Caroline learns that big barbecues are big business…

When we first rented a villa in Florida many years ago we were wowed by the size and sophistication of the gas barbecue provided for us. Our barbecue at home was a cheap affair, just big enough to juggle a few sausages and a burger or two and involved charcoal, lighter fluid and a large dose of bad language from my husband if it didn’t light easily!

Fast forward 15 years and it seems we are not alone in having upgraded our barbecue ideas. A few years ago, we paid a few hundred pounds for a Weber gas barbecue, similar to but smaller than the ones we have grown to love in Florida. However, according to the Times this weekend sales of top-end barbecues have soared by 700% in the last five years in the UK. Four figure prices are no longer unusual and those with ceramic cooking chambers are sworn by amongst several top chefs.

Leeds BBQ

Kyle enjoying his BBQ

If you have £3745 to burn (rather than just the sausages) you could entertain the whole street in one sitting: the XXL version of the Big Green Egg is big enough to cook a whole sucking pig. Needless to say this giant of a barbie is made in America.

Whatever barbecue you have, it looks as if this week is going to be ideal weather for dusting it off – enjoy!

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